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Refrigerated Transportation

In 2015 we started our business in Refrigerated Transportation. At the moment we cooperate with the following company,

1. PT. Pahala Bahari Nusantara (Ikan Cakalang, Ikan Tuna)
2. PT.Alpen Food Industry (Es krim Aice)
3. PT.Saliman Riyanto Raharjo (KFC chicken supplier)
4. PT.Bina Nusantara Power (Fish Meat Distributor)
5. PT.Perusahaan Industri Ceres (Silverqueen, Delfi chocolate)
6. PT.HAVI Indonesia (McDonald’s Indonesia Distribution)

Refrigerated Gallery

GPS & Temperature Monitoring

We provide GPS monitoring in all our refrigerated transportation unit to assist monitoring customer product real time position. We also add temperature sensor to ensure real time temperature inside the box.